Friday, April 16, 2010

Careful What You Wish For

I met a guy during my last stay in Las Vegas who had ordered an escort to his room, via the Internet. He had a very big problem and had heard me earlier talking on my phone to a friend in Spanish. He stopped me on his way up to his room and asked me, in Spanish, if I could help him communicate a negotiation in English for him in his room. I thought it was a little strange but decided to go ahead and help him out. In the elevator he briefly told me what he was trying to do. I personally didn't agree with the nature of the negotiation, but who am I to judge. We sat in his room waiting for the knock on his door. He offered me a drink and we both had a cigarette. She knocked, like she was the police. lol It scared the shit out of us both. We laughed later.
She was breathtakingly......WOW! She asked for the company fee of $250, so she could get more comfortable and so she could tell them she was going to see what kind of fun he wanted to have. He gave it to her and she got TOTALLY FREAKING' NAKED, in front of both of us. OMG! I told him I didn't feel comfortable sitting there anymore considering I didn't want to be part of the party. He asked me to ask her how much for a full hour with a lot of fun stuff happening, if you know what I mean? They came to an agreement on how much and for what, THANK GOD! I couldn't take anymore.
I will rethink being the translator for someone I don't even know, while in Vegas anyway.